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What is a Mystery Quilt?

A mystery quilt is simply a quilt that doesn’t reveal it’s whole pattern until the end, as you add parts of the project incrementally.

Our Deb Heatherly Mystery Quilts are shop exclusive mysteries and Sassy Stitches will participate in several Mysteries throughout 2024.

Clues are parts of the pattern and they build upon each other as the clues advance over a three month period, adding up to a total of six clues. Sassy Stitches Mystery Quilt clues are released biweekly. By the designer’s requirements the clues are snailmailed or, if you are local to our shop, can be picked up at our store. Our classroom will be open on clue release day so that participants can sew together. You do NOT have to be located near our shop to participate. We will mail your clues to you wherever you are!

Fabric requirements are sent to you a week before the Mystery Quilt begins so that you can spend some time choosing the colors and patterns you prefer for your quilt. Mrs. Heatherly is adept at giving you guidance in choosing appropriate fabrics for your quilt. If you would like us to kit up the Mystery Quilt, give us a call and we will get all the details for gathering your fabric and getting you started!

Sassy Stitches has a private Facebook page that you will be able to join after you enroll in the Mystery Quilt experience. This page is to provide a way for those participating to share, ask questions, show pictures of your progress - all in a private setting because, of course, this is a mystery! And the intrigue of a mystery is that it remains so. Therefore the mystery quilt designer, Deb Heatherly, requires that all mystery quilt details, pictures and discussions remain a mystery until January 1, 2025. There are many stores across the United States participating in the Mystery and at different times during the year, making these rules essential for the fun!

Mystery Clues cannot be transferred via electronics or social media per Deb’s rules and the retailer’s agreement. This has made Deb Heatherly’s Mystery Quilts rise to the top in this genre of quilt creativity. When you choose to enroll in a Sassy Stitches Deb Heatherly Mystery Quilt and pay the $15 fee, you are agreeing to the guidelines and rules that Deb Heatherly states. You can read the requirements in the document linked below.